Stop Guessing, Start Knowing.

At a glance the Athos app provides insights so you can improve your form, maximize results, and track your performance.

In between sets, see your specific muscle effort, set/rep count, heart and breathing rates.

Complete Workout Summary

Easily see a total breakdown of your workout. How hard you worked each muscle, time worked vs rested, heart rate, and respiratory performance.

The proprietary Athos Score is a total representation of the intensity and effectiveness of your workout.

All Of Your Workouts.
In One Place.

Track improvements over time, set goals, and surpass them. All of your workouts are stored, easily accessible and understandable. See how your body is actually improving, before you can see it in the mirror.

It’s more than what you did, it’s about how you did it.

Your Best.
For Any Type Of Training.

No matter how you train, Athos allows you to see how your body is performing so you can improve and achieve more than you thought possible.

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