Thank You For Being Part of the Journey

    As 2015 draws to a close, I want to personally reach out and thank you, our Athos community. Thanks for believing in us, for being our early adopters, for being patient with us and for continuously inspiring us. […]

Breaking through the 1-mile time barrier

The Challenge: A few months ago, one of my clients approached me with the goal of reducing his 1-mile run time. Not a problem. So the first thing we did was go for a run and get our benchmark. On […]

Exercise of the Week: Aug 18, 2015

    Today we’re targeting hamstrings and glutes with the Glute-Ham Raise. Strive for balance on each side and aim for 80-90% muscle effort to help build muscle.

Unlocking the key to the perfect squat

At Athos, we’re always striving to gain deeper insights into the human body. To do that Athos partnered with ProActive, an elite sports performance institute that trains some of the top athletes in the world. We threw the gear on […]

Getting to know Athos: Muscle Effort

What is Athos? Athos is the world’s first smart clothing that can measure exactly how hard your muscles are working in real time. The biological sensors developed by Athos measure the electrical activity generated by muscles when they are doing […]

VIDEO: Heart and Hustle

Kevin Lilly, Owner and Trainer of Heart in Hustle in Los Angeles, uses Athos to see things about your squat that the naked eye can’t.