Take Your Training To The Next Level With Muscle Effort Training

The best training facilities in the world use Muscle Effort Training to deliver the best results for their clients. Now you can use the same tools and get the same results.

Ever feel like you’re treading water when it comes to fitness? Recognizing correct levels of muscle output while training is essential for progress, yet many of us lack this key insight. Muscle Effort Training might just be the missing link to squashing this guessing game and achieving your fitness goals.



Fast Twitch_Lower Body PowerThere are two pillars to this training style: recruiting the correct muscles for specific exercises, and exerting adequate amounts of force. Muscle Effort Training allows you to track your performance threshold and utilize this feedback to progress you towards your goals.

So how exactly do you quantify muscle effort? Athos has developed Muscle Effort Scoring, the first scaling system for workouts. Athos’ garments are embedded with surface EMG sensors that translate muscle effort to a scale of 0-100%. Using the Athos mobile app, users can translate their unique data into actionable insight to drive their workouts, increase self-awareness and prevent injury.

Physical effort is often viewed subjectively; ‘effort’ shouldn’t be gauged by mood, energy levels or time of day. Utilizing Muscle Effort Training is essentially objectifying your workouts. Rather than simply guessing if you’re exerting the right amount of force, you are given a numeric score, in real-time and ready to apply to your next set. Experts have long recommend a range of intensity levels with heart rate training, and now we have the tools to apply this principle towards strength training.

Our time is valuable; we simply can’t afford to squander it by exercising inefficiently. Muscle Effort Training is a surefire approach to getting the most out of your workout, every time. Whether you’re training for strength, power, agility or hypertrophy- being aware of your muscle output is key to reaping the full rewards of your fitness regimen.