And We Are Back

Since we first launched our product in 2016, we were always focused on helping everyday athletes like us. When we initially launched we were excited to get the product to every athletes’ hands, but we soon realized that to be helpful for all you, we needed to provide more than data, we needed to provide coaching.

In 2016 we didn’t know how to best train using EMG, so we wanted to learn from the best before we felt ready to train you, and give you the level of training you deserve. 

So for the last 3.5 years, we’ve been focused on working with, learning from and helping the best athletes in the world, about 40 professional and college teams use Athos to help their athletes get better. 

We are excited to finally bring everything we’ve learned from these amazing coaches and athletes to you with the Athos Coach platform, where we use the algorithms elite coaches rely on and our human coaches to give you the best training experience. Finally, an experience that will give you truly personalized content, that is reactive to how your body responds, and something you can’t just slack off and get points. It’s like having a real trainer, working out with you.