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Monitor your athletes' left/right balance to ensure it does not vary unexpectedly with changes in training load as you progress your athlete. After a session, review your athletes' balance to monitor proper recruitment of the intended muscle groups. Coaches can use Athos real-time biofeedback to cue athletes as needed to get the intended muscles firing.

"Athos can help coaches monitor muscular imbalances that can build up over time and cause injury."

-Dr. Scott Lynn, California State University

In a Return to Play setting, if the imbalance increases to over 15% this can be a sign of over use. If the imbalance shifts over 15% towards the healthy side with an increase in training load, this can be a sign of compensation. Modifying the program might be critical to avoid re-injury.

Here are some examples:

alt alt alt On light training load days, 2/2 and 2/15, the athlete’s left/right training load are more balanced than days of high training load, 2/9, 2/13 and 2/16.

On Thursday’s practice, 2/9, the overall training load increased and the healthy right hamstring worked 183% more than the left.

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