Athos Spotlight: John Branham Jr.


Athletes in the 21st century have truly redefined what greatness is. The Kobe’s and Tom Brady’s of the world have shown younger generations what it takes to be legendary in sports.

The price? Just short of obsessing over perfection.

With an obsession to chase perfection comes a relentless desire to always have an edge on the competition. In the ever evolving world of big data and technology that we live in, athletes and coaches have flocked to sports performance technology as a resource.

The Athos Training System has been committed to helping athletes of all levels reach their fullest potential in their quest to be great. Athos does this by leveraging sports science and data insights to inform training decisions. When it comes to outworking competition, Athos gives athletes the confidence they need to know they’re doing everything in their power to optimize performance.


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A high school junior by the name of John Branham Jr. is an aspiring three-sport athlete with dreams of playing at a higher level. John Jr.’s ambitious goal to earn a college scholarship is something he’s willing to go to any length to achieve- even if it means obsessing over perfection.


John Jr. is a bit different than your average high school athlete.

His work ethic alone sets him apart from most. In fact, his dedication to chasing greatness has caught the attention of one of his favorite professional athletes. After a Twitter exchange, John Jr. had the opportunity to train alongside one of his idols and all-time NFL greats, Pittsburgh Steelers’ Linebacker, James Harrison.

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Training with James gave John Jr. an exclusive perspective into what it takes to succeed at the highest level. He knows that in order to excel in sports, he must go above and beyond to take advantage of all the resources around him.

“When you know you are in shape and have pushed to failure in the gym, you know you will be good in game.” says John Jr.


A new competitive space has arrived for athletes, and it’s not just based on who performs the best, but who trains smarter.

John Jr.’s biggest support system, his father, has encouraged him to seek out ways to leverage technology to enhance his training.

“Today you have to have a mix of elbow grit and technology. Technology to work smart and elbow grit to build character.” says John Branham Sr.

After spending some time researching online, John Jr. had yet another Twitter exchange that resulted in a life changing experience. He reached out to Athos founder, Dhananja Jayalath, to learn more about this up and coming sports performance technology. Dhananja sent over information about Athos Training System and John Jr. decided to purchase some gear.

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Over the past few years, John Jr. has used Athos consistently and all of his coaches and mentors have found immense value in the Athos data.

John Jr. has been focusing on extracting value from Athos by monitoring the Live View during his workouts. He does this by analyzing each of his movements, in real-time, to ensure he’s engaging the appropriate muscles during each individual rep, and correcting himself as needed.

For example, he noticed an improvement in his squats and deadlifts from actively monitoring which muscles were firing during the movement with Athos. He realized that he could be activating his glutes more and his hamstrings less. Once he made that adjustment to clean up his overall muscle contributions and balance, he’s been able to increase weight.

“Athos lets John Jr., his trainers and myself know when he's not going to the max. You can't cheat it, the only way to cheat it is don't workout. Using Athos, you really don't need a trainer to push you because you know if you are doing it right or not.” says John Branham Sr.

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Leaning on his coach's eye to detect inefficiencies, overtraining and compensation issues weren’t the most effective ways to ensure consistent gains. Being able to catch these issues, and also making adjustments on the fly, are factors that have helped him to grow bigger, faster and stronger in the last few years.

For the first time ever, John Jr. has been able to quantify his training by looking at the data the Athos Training System provides with respect to training load, muscle contributions and imbalances. Looking at the data points and searching for trends of regression and progression allow him to feel confident knowing he’s training smarter. Tracking these trends creates an internal competition that pushes him to go harder and continue to outwork himself.

“Honestly, some days I don't feel like working out and I would give 75% or less. When I got Athos, it was fun to watch my work translate to the live-view. It was almost like playing a video game and it just made me want to go harder each time.” says John Jr.


John Jr. believes that Athos has helped keep him healthy and optimize his day-to-day performance. This, in turn, helps him achieve his sports performance goals. He’s had some promising conversations with a number of division one schools that are interested in recruiting him to play for a college scholarship- which is the big picture goal for John Jr.

While he’ll be the first to tell you that he has more work to do, he’s confident that Athos is going to help him make his dreams a reality.

If you're interested in using Athos to empower your training check out the Athos Training System.

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