Overuse injuries have plagued the military impacting readiness

Often these injuries are due to poor movement patterns and muscular function.  Using Athos technology in field training situations enables accurate and ongoing assessments to root-cause movement issues.  Our sophisticated AI delivers individualized recommendations to target those issue at the source – the muscles.

Smart clothing powered Personalized Prehab Solution


Athos patented system enables the world’s first smart clothing to measure how hard your muscles are working using the science of EMG (Electromyography). The system is powered by cutting-edge AI, delivered in an intuitive mobile app that provides actionable insights to truly understand how your body performs. The system has helped athletes at all levels train hard, train effectively, and train safely to reach their highest potential.


“Athos provides enhanced motor learning opportunities through its biofeedback.  Identifying how muscular recruitment changes based on different levels of force and velocity improves our rehab and helps us bridge the gap between training and performance.”  

Rob Schwartz, Director of Human Performance 

US Air Force Special Warfare – 13ASOS


“It allows us to both enhance performance and improve recovery from injury through its comprehensive feedback and app support. Our operators use it for real time feedback during training as well as help identify deficiencies over the course of a training cycle. Overall good addition to help keep our armed forces in the fight!”

Kevin Nagel PT, DPT

United States Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT)


"Athos offers me the ability as a Special Operator to manage and be aware of my own body in ways that I haven't been able to.  The reduction in back pain and increase in athleticism, comparable to what I felt in my early years in SOF, is alone worth utilizing it. I have been able to remain in Special Operations for over 15 years, and with Athos I feel like I'm getting better day over day, month over month into my 40's."

Master Sergeant – USASOC

The Athos Coaching System

How It Works

Warfighters wear gear in any training environment


Warfighters are training everyday and Athos can fit seamlessly into their routine to understand how they are uniquely performing & handling the physical demands in a real environment.

Weekly Risk Report Delivered to the athlete


The Athos coaching engine ingests training data to create personalized movement baselines for each warfighter. Movement patterns are evaluated using sophisticated algorithms built from expert knowledge and our growing database of over 5 million minutes of training data. The top injury risk factor is determined and addressed with the assignment of an individualized optimal corrective strategy. The ability to individualize across large populations is unlocked with Athos technology.

Live coaching to perfect every set


The individualized corrective strategy is delivered directly to the warfighter to perform as part of their training routine.  The warfighter can perform these independently with instructions, education, and support all built-in and available in our easy to use mobile app.  The real-time muscle activity biofeedback ensures the warfighter is getting immediate feedback coupled with in-the-moment tips and cues to help them succeed. 


Curated and easily delivered to key profiles based on the specific needs of your organization. Warfighters get insights delivered after every session and weekly to assess performance and progress.  Providers and Staff use weekly triage reporting to understand who’s at-risk and where their attention is needed most. Leadership leverages custom reporting to understand readiness across the population of interest.  

Athos uses EMG to capture muscle activation data in real time

The Science Behind the Athos System