Acute to Chronic Ratio (ACR) helps coaches understand how acute or recent training compares to chronic or historic training.  This valuable metric is displayed on the Team Dashboard as well as on the Athlete Profile.  Historically, we have presented ACR as a ratio of the last 3 practices relative to your practices over the past 7 days — or an ACR = 3:7 where 3 is the acute value and 7 is the chronic value.  Today, we have updated this so that you can have more control over the ACR that you see. You can now choose 3:7, 4:20 or 7:28 depending on what works best for you.  

Now in the expanded glance you will see 3 toggle buttons:  3:7 (default view), 4:20, 7:28.  

Clicking on each of these will change the Acute and Chronic values. The blue lines continue to reflect the upper and lower targets for ACR.  

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