We know that coaches would like to be able to customize the Athos Training Load Baseline (blue line below).  Starting today, not only can you answer “How hard was practice relative to the last week?” but you can answer questions like “How do my practices compare to games?” or any other question you might have that brings your context to Training Load.  Today we’ve added customization of the Training Load baseline.   Want to try it?  Click Here.  

What Else is New?

Better flagging for imbalances

Left and right ratios are now readily available so that if your athlete receives a flag, you’ll be able to see immediately whether that flag was generated by the right side, the left side, or both.  This helps you better understand where you need to focus training and recovery for your athletes.  

The new ratios glance now includes how the right and left sides contribute to the ratio:  

And when you expand this by clicking > (upper right corner), you’ll see a historical view of each of the ratios that you can toggle between: 

Our goal is to continually improve your ability to use Athos data to make decisions that matter to you. We will keep iterating and improving upon how we deliver information to you so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know!  

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