We are excited to launch Team Set Tagging, giving our users a new and streamlined way to create sets for multiple athletes at once. A coach is now able to create one set and apply it to all the athletes that had a practice or game that day.  This new feature will save you time and increase the value you get from Athos. 

Follow the steps below to start Team Set Tagging!

You can also click this link and watch a video tutorial https://youtu.be/DPna3b4ee1w 

How it works

1) Click on Tools and select Set Tagging

2) Select the date

3) Confirm the athletes that you’d like to include

4) Delete the untracked exercises

5) Drag and select the area you’d like to tag (zoom in as needed for more resolution)

6) Enter the set detail in the right window that appears

After the sets have saved, allow a few minutes for your new sets to be applied for for metrics to be calculated.  Hovering over a set will show its status:  Calculating means that the metrics are still being processed.  

Once processing is complete, the status will change and show the Training Load for that set.  

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