We recommend cleaning 2x month if you are using daily or use it on the field. 

For less frequent use or mostly gym workouts, please clean 1x month. 

Follow the directions below to Clean your Core:

1. Take an alcohol wipe or microfiber clothe and gently wipe the back of the core. 

a. Do not aggressively scrub the core – doing so may remove some of the core’s conductive material off and potentially make mount detection even harder for the core.
b. The force used here should be akin to wiping crumbs off a table.  
c. The wipe should mainly pick up some oil and dirt.
d. There may be some black on the wipe that does not look like dirt – that is some of the core’s conductive material coming off. Stop if this happens. 

2. Wait for the back of the core to dry.

3. Place the core back in the charger/garment mount and see if the lights change accordingly.

The Core Mount will typically get washed in the wash, so not necessary to clean this area, unless you see build up of dirt, oil, etc. 

The Hub doesn’t require any cleaning to function, unless there is a build up of dust on the intake (end with ethernet port) or any other areas of the hub. 

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