Wear Instructions:

  1. Wear as a base layer (no underwear).

  2. Garment should be tight to the skin, like other compression gear.

  3. Avoid any lotions, oils, or hot/cold creams under the garment.

  4. Avoid athletic tapes under the garment where the sensors are touching the skin.

Preferred Care Instructions:

  1. Remove Core.

  2. Hand wash with gentle cleaner (e.g. Woolite).

  3. Pat dry with a towel (do not wring).

  4. Air dry overnight.

While air drying is ideal, you can also place garments in the dryer in a fine-mesh garment bag on a low heat setting for 45 minutes. Please be advised that we do not recommend high heat as it may damage the sensors and the inlay.

Alternate Care Instructions:

  1. Remove Core.

  2. Place garments in individual fine-mesh laundry bags.

  3. Machine wash in cool water with a gentle cleanser.

  4. Hang to dry or place in dryer (in a fine-mesh laundry bag) on low-heat for 45 minutes.

Following these care instructions will help keep your garments in great shape. If you have any questions about care instructions, please contact our Support Team [email protected]

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