Getting to Know the Athos Training System:

Athos Garments

The fabric should be snug, but comfortably contour to your body as sensors must make direct contact with the skin in order to collect your data. We recommend you avoid wearing undergarments for proper sensor contact.


The Core snaps directly onto your Athos apparel to collect and analyze data from the garment’s sensors, and delivers that data to your mobile app via wireless stream.

  • A fully charged Core will accommodate 10 hours of active time and 3 weeks of standby time.

  • Ensure Core has at least 10% battery before beginning a workout.

  • Place Core in charging dock when not in use.

Please set aside 20 minutes for setup prior to beginning your first session.

Set Up

  • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  • Download the Athos App (iOS only).

  • Launch the app and create a user account.

  • Including information about height, weight, age etc. will help personalize readings.


  • Out of the box, your Core may have some charge, however, it is recommended that you charge it before first use.

  • To charge, plug the USB cable into the charging dock and place Core on to dock.

  • Wait at least 15 minutes to give the Core some charge.


Now that your Core is charged, you’ll need to connect it.

  • When you launch the Athos app for the first time, it will automatically detect your nearby Core.

  • If your Core happens to be in “sleep mode” (which will be the case before your first use and after a period of inactivity), you’ll see a pop-up, asking you to stand by as we “wake up” your Core.

  • If we don’t wake your Core automatically, you can do it manually! Just press the “reset” button near the USB slot on the charging dock.

  • Pro tip: Don’t see your Core listed? Click the Core menu at the bottom of the app screen and add your Core manually by following the instructions on the screen.

You are now set up and ready for your first session! Next up, log your first workout.

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