How long should I charge the Live Core before use?

The Live Core is fully charged after three hours, and is half-way charged after 1.5 hours. We recommend that you do not proceed with a workout with less than 10% battery life. After your workout, you can preserve battery power by removing the Core from the mount on the garment and by disconnecting Bluetooth on your phone.

What is the expected Live Core battery life?

There are two types of battery drain: active and standby. Active is the battery drain when the Live Core is connected to the App and you are actually working out. Standby is the battery drain when the Live Core is just sitting there (off the charger). Active battery life is 10 hours, while Standby battery life is roughly 2 weeks. Whenever possible, charge the Live Core when not in use.

What do the charging lights mean?

Below are the LED lighting indicators for the latest firmware version:

No lights = This can happen with a totally dead Live Core. It takes about 5 minutes of charging to actually start blinking.

Red = Low battery between 0-30%

Yellow = Medium battery between 31-89% charge

Green = High/Full battery

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