When you first get started with Athos gear, it’s important to give yourself around 10 minutes to warmup. It can take a few minutes for the sensors to settle and give you the right feedback, so warming up gives your sensors plenty of time to properly adjust to your body and settle on your skin. 

Also, the more often you recalibrate, the more often your sensors have to re-adjust to your body, which takes time. We recommend not recalibrating over and over again and instead giving the sensors a few workouts to adjust. 

If you’re still seeing odd data after you’ve been working out for 10 mins or more, please try the following:

  • First, your Core may not be charged.  A quick charge may help.
  • Second, your garment may not be fully dry. If you’ve recently washed it (fewer than 6 hours ago), the garment may still be wet. Please wait for it to fully dry before using it.

If you’re still seeing weird data after a few 10+ minutes workouts, let us know and we’re happy to check out the data on our end to see what might be causing the issue. Also, if you could share any screenshots of what you’re seeing, that would be very helpful for us in fixing the issue. 

Keep in mind that it’s not abnormal to see readings of 100+ for the first 1-2 workouts. Our calibration is “adpative” so we learn as we go. You can read more about calibration here, but if things don’t look better after ~2 solid sessions, please let us know! 

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