Get ready

  1. Put on your gear and snap the Core into your garment’s mount. If you have two Cores, you may snap them both into your garments.
  2. To begin a workout, select “Workout Now” on your HOME SCREEN.


By default, we do not take you through a warmup. However, we recommend a 5-minute dynamic warm up to mobilize joints, increase heart rate and stretch your muscles. This warm up will prepare your body for your workout and serves as calibration to provide an accurate reading from your Athos gear.

Free Form Mode

Free Form is perfect if you want to use Athos to track a custom workout or build your own training plan as you go.

1. First select “Free Form” > then “Start”

2. You will now land on the ADD EXERCISE page.

  • You can choose from a list of POPULAR exercises, select UPPER or LOWER body exercises, or add your own Exercise.

3. Once you select your Exercise, click “Start” to jump right into LIVE VIEW.

  • There you can watch your muscles activating in real-time. You’ll also see metrics such as heart rate and the duration of the set. Once you’ve completed your set, click the “Finish Set” button.
  • You can easily edit reps and weight to match what you performed.
  • Select “Add Set” to do more of the same Exercise.

4. When you finish your workout, head back to the Plan Overview page and click “End Workout.”

Athos Training Plans & Facility Programs

Athos provides a few pre-built “Athos Training Plans.” If you are part of an Organization or Team using Athos, you also have the option to do your “Facility Programs,” which has been assigned to you by your Coach. 

  1. Select the Plan of your choice. The app will guide you through each exercise, and display your performance of each set.
  2. After you’ve completed each exercise, you’ll see a scorecard next to the exercise.
  3. Once you’ve completed your workout, select “End Workout” at the top of the SETS page. You will then see the SUMMARY page for that workout session. Here, you will see all of the Scorecards for your session.
  4. Click the “Metrics” tab after your workout to view detailed information including your Athos Score, Muslce Effort, and Balance. 

Our Metrics

Live View allows you to look inside the body and instantly see the quality of every movement, in real-time, to determine if muscle groups are firing as intended.  

The colors on the real-time Body View are a representation of muscle effort and they act as a heat map of how hard muscles are working. The percentages show the muscle effort scores associated with each color. 

Red: (75-100%+) 

Orange: (50-75%)

Yellow: (30-50%) 

Blue: (0-30%)


Following completion of a set of any given exercise, you will view a scorecard.This scorecard gives you a rating from 0-10 based on successfully performing in three categories:

  • Effort- Each range is given a targeted range for muscle effort. Did you stay within the given range? If not, you might need to increase or decrease intensity.
  • Balance – How well are you balanced between right and left sides?
  • Movers – Did you hit the targeted primary and secondary muscle?

How we think about Muscle Effort 

Muscle effort can be used as a proxy for the stress incurred upon the muscle. It is scaled from 0-100 in a concentric contraction and can go over 100 for power movements. We break down “effort” into a few components in the iOS application which you can drill into.


Athos measures what’s happening on the muscular level. Rather than relying on “external” measurements of workload (like sets x reps x weight, or accelerometer workload), Athos provides an internal measure of player training load. Know how much stress the athletes’ body actually endured.

Muscle Contribution 

The amount of work contributed by each muscle group for a given activity.

Muscle Balance

Distribution of muscle load from left to right.


The highest level of exertion by each individual muscle group during a session.

Tracking Performance

While you can track your progress in Live View, or in between Sets, Athos also gives you the option to review your data after your training session is complete.

From the home screen, select the “PERFORMANCE” button. From here, you will see a Calendar view of all your past Athos sessions. Click on any past session to review your metrics:


Review metrics for your entire session


Drill down into individual “sets” within your session.


This allows you to “replay” the Live View for the entire session, or at the “set” level. 

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