If you are adding a Core for the first time, check out this Out of the box article, which walks you through charging, connecting, and logging your first workout.

If you already have an account:

  1. Login and head to the “GEAR” tab (at the bottom of the screen).
  2. By default, we’ll show you “MY CORES” which are any Cores you’ve connected to previously. If you’ve added a custom name, that name will show. Otherwise, we’ll list “Core 1” and “Core 2” (if applicable). 
  3. Tap into the Core. This will allow you to select a nearby core to pair. 
  4. If you don’t immediately see any “Cores Nearby,” refresh the list. Also, make sure the Core is charged, Bluetooth is on. If still nothing, try, “Wake up Core” (at the bottom of the list). 

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of Cores in range, and aren’t sure which one is the one you actually want, you can click into the Core, and select “Find Core.” This will make that Core blink Green (so you know you have the right one). Then you can Connect!

If your Core is connected, but is not recognized as being in the garment:

-Make sure that you are wearing the garment when you snap in the Core. The gear is designed to best recognize your Core when the garment is being worn.

-If that doesn’t help, your Core may be dirty/dusty and the garment is unable to detect that it is in the Core Mount.

To clean your Core and Core Mount:
-Wipe down the Core and Core Mount with an alcohol wipe, paper towel with Windex, or a paper towel damp with water.

-Be sure to completely dry the Core and Core Mount before reinserting the Core.

If your Core is still not being detected and you cannot move past the “Insert Core” screen, please contact Support for further assistance.

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