What is Athos?

Athos gives you the unique ability to look within the athlete and make smart data-driven decisions to advance development and improve the effectiveness of your programs. Help your athletes see their movements and understand the why behind your methodology. Athos even allows you to manage your athletes from anywhere in the world and craft customized workouts while tracking their progress and delivering personalized reports. Eliminate the guesswork and elevate your abilities as a coach by connecting your athletes with Athos.

Getting to Know the Athos Coach’s Center

The Athos Coach’s Center found at coach.liveathos.com is your home base for building and pushing plans to your athletes. We put together this quick introductory video to get you up and running!

In case you prefer to read through, here’s what you need to know:

  • Create a Program- use the top right to “+Create new program.”

  • Exercise Panel- lives on the Right-hand-side. Search for existing Exercises or create your own.

  • Drag & Drop- the system works by dragging and dropping Exercises into place. Feel free to edit details like reps, weights, and muscle effort targets.

  • Exercise Blocks- containers that can hold various Exercises inside of them and easily designate the number of sets– perfect for straights, supersets, and circuits.

  • Key Lifts – focal exercises that carry out throughout the entire program. If you make an Exercise a “Key Lift” your athlete will be prompted to always enter reps x weight for that movement.

  • Build a Team – Go to “My Team” > “+Add new Athlete”

  • Assign a Program- Hover over the Program of choice > Select “assign/un-assign.”

Need Help?

Our Customer Advocacy is here to help if you have any questions. Look for the “email help” or “live chat” icon on the bottom right of your dashboard.

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