Athos validated as a tool for capturing muscle activity during exercise.  

Researchers at California State University, San Bernadino and Loyola Marymount University recently conducted an experiment to compare Athos and clinical sEMG measured muscle activity (  

  • 35 Healthy, recreationally active males subjects were recruited.
  • 2 sets of trials were conducted, one using Athos, the other using a clinical sEMG device.
  • Subjects were asked to perform body weight squats as well as pushups.  

Researchers found that:

  • There was no detectable difference between Athos sEMG and clinical EMG for squats or pushups.
  • There was no systematic bias as a result of body fat percentage (body fat did not influence the ability to detect sEMG)
  • Wearable sEMG technology has no systematic bias when compared to clinical sEMG

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