Athos Helps Coaches Identify Injury Risk, Optimize Athlete Performance, & Validate Return to Play!

  1. Understand Strengths and Deficiencies in your Athletes
    -What are your athletes’ strengths or weaknesses from a muscular perspective?
    -Are weaknesses leaving athletes at risk of injury or hindering performance?
  2. Identify “Healthy” Athletes That May Need Intervention
    -Is an otherwise healthy athlete not moving the way they should?
    -Are these movement patterns leaving them predisposed to injury? 
  3. Understand How  Athletes Are Responding to Training
    -Are your athletes’ muscles responding the way you expect in training & games?
    -Can you push your athletes further on any given day or do they need time to recover? 
  4. Monitor Individual Athlete Progression Over Time
    -How is your athlete progressing over time with training? 
    -Is your training having the impact you expected? 
  5. Evaluate “Return to Play” Protocols
    -Is the athlete progressing through the RTP protocol as expected?
    -As the athlete progresses back to game speed are they able to maintain healthy movement patterns?

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