How Does Athos Evaluate You?


In addition to helping you reach your fitness goals, Athos is focused on ensuring that you are moving optimally. Optimal movement is not only how your individual muscles are working, but how they are working together. This means pulling together elements of form, fitness and strength. These all incorporate different aspects of the relationship your muscles have to your goals.

  • Form – This takes into account things like balance, how the left side of your body moves compared to the right. It is also important to monitor how your anterior muscles move in relation to your posterior; helping us make sure that you’re keeping your knees safe and activating the right muscles to reach your goals. This will include a focus on glute activation, utilizing your body’s biggest most stable muscle to protect against injury and stave off fatigue. 
  • Fitness – Part of your goal is to increase your fitness which includes not only how long your muscles can handle activity, but also how intensely you can get your muscles to fire. As Athos learns more about you and progresses your program, exercises will increase in both length, but also complexity to up the intensity and longevity of your muscle activity in service of increased fitness specific to your goal.
  • Strength – Every fitness goal incorporates an aspect of increased strength. How that is accomplished and with what specific outcome is something that Athos learns from both what you’ve shared and how your muscles respond to programming. In all aspects, strength takes into account how much your muscles can handle. This can incorporate both increases in the weightroom as well as complexity in movements to both increase their difficulty, or allow you to get at your muscles’ maximum potential output. 

With information collected directly from your muscles, the Athos algorithm is able to make recommendations specific to how you move, giving your coach detailed information as you both work towards your goals!