MEN’S FULL BODY KIT – with two Cores

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Included in this Kit:


Snaps into your Athos apparel to collect and analyze data from the garment’s sensors, and delivers that data to your mobile app via Bluetooth. This kit includes two Cores to track data from both the lower and upper body simultaneously.


Tracks exertion of the major upper-body muscle groups: pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats and traps.


Tracks exertion of the major lower-body muscle groups: inner quad, outer quad, hamstrings and glutes.

Additional Details:

  • Offers real-time biometric tracking, including muscle activity, heart rate, calorie expenditure and active time versus rest time.

  • Sensors embedded in the garments read biosignals and deliver that data straight to your mobile app, displaying which muscles are firing and how much they’re being exerted.

  • Fabric comfortably contours to your body. Engineered with versatile compression material that is constructed with sweat-wicking technology.

  • Compatible with iOS only.

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After the 14 days you cannot return the garments or the core. Click here for more information