The Core is the brain of the system; it contains the electronics and intelligence to collect and interpret your biosignals, sending your information to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

You only need one Core! – Works with any Athos garment

  • 10 hours of continuous battery life – Just like an iPad
  • Weighs less than 20g, and 2.5in tall – Lighter than 4 nickels and shorter than your index finger
  • Impact resistant – Powers through anything you can
  • 6-axis accelerometer – Movement isn’t enough without muscle activity


EMG (electromyography) is a science used at top sports performance institutes.

EMG Detects:

  • Muscle Effort
  • Muscle Target Zones
    • Building
    • Toning
    • Under training vs over training
  • Muscle Fatigue

Heart Rate and Breathing Patterns

  • Heart rate, heart rate variability and recovery rates are all great indicators of overall physical health
  • Proper breathing patterns are a crucial component of effective workouts
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